Broken Laptop Screen Ipswich

Have you accidentally dropped your laptop and broken the screen? Or even hit it in a fit of rage!? ECS can replace most makes and models of laptop screen for a fixed price of £99. For this price we not only fit the screen but, unlike some of our competitors, we do a full hardware check on the laptop to make sure that no other damage has been done. This ensures you're not paying out for a new screen only to find the hard drive has sustained damage. If we do find any further problems, we will contact you with a price and should you not want to go ahead, we will cancel the job with nothing to pay. If you do not want the screen fixed but just want your data (such as pictures, music, documents etc), then we can copy the data to another device for you.

Some things that can go wrong when you drop your laptop

  • Bad sectors on the hard drive
  • Memory dislodged from their slots
  • Internal cables dislodged
  • Broken power connector
  • Broken casing

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